As of now, our parcel services work normally during these times. We are working together with our partners, sharing information and are following the situation closely. For the protection of yourself and others, we highly suggest the following actions while using our parcel machines:
  • Wash your hand well before and after using our parcel machines.
  • You can use our parcel machines’ screens with gloves and touchscreen pens.
  • During these times please pickup your parcels as soon as possible so we can serve as many customers as possible and ensure the flow of online ordered goods. In the rare case that you are in a risk group and have nobody that can help you out with picking it up, contact our customer service and we will help you out with an extended hold time.
Our partners have taken measures against contamination, and to prevent the virus from spreading. We are working closely with our partners during these times to ensure the continuity of our services.

We promote remote work during these times to help keep our employees and their relatives safe and our business operating. We are reachable like usual.

We are keeping up to date on the latest news about the virus and will inform of updates and any changes on this website. You can find the latest recommendations and information from WHO’s website:

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