Unsere Werte

Wir stehen zu unseren Werten – denn unsere Werte sind nicht nur Lippenbekenntnisse!

WE ARE TRAVELERS. Adventurous and not afraid, we wander on new paths. We are respectful to the people we encounter on that journey and welcome them with an open mind. Curious, we are always seeking the path less traveled and embrace challenges on our way. As travelers, we love and respect the nature and leave as little footprint as possible.

WE ARE ENTREPRENEURS. Passionate and committed, we are building something awesome, something bold and new. We seek challenges, take initiative and are accountable for each step we take on our journey.

ALWAYS A STARTUP AT HEART. Challenging the status quo is in our DNA. We will always innovate, question and try, and we are not afraid to fail. We never compromise on team, service or product.

WE ARE A HERD OF UNICORNS. From awesome tech unicorns to shiny sales unicorns, we support, accept and respect all members of our herd as they are and embrace their uniqueness. We are humble yet ambitious, determined yet open and together we stay true to our values.

Bist du einer von uns?

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