What if parcels could turn into trees?

Imagine having superpowers that allow you to help grow a forest every time you order online… 
…and plant trees with the ease of opening a door at a Smartmile parcel machine.
Would you use your powers or let them go to waste?

Through our Dutch parcel machines you get tree-growing powers. For every parcel you pick up, return or send via one of the special #OpenDoors reforestation doors we donated a tree to Eden Reforestation Projects.   

Order something
awesome online

Select DHL as
your parcel carrier

Use Smartmile locations
to pick up, return or send

And #OpenDoors to an awesome world!

Changing the world one delivery
at a time

Many of our Dutch parcel machines include a reforestation door that is dedicated to reforestation. You will find the machines in the Lidl in Enschede, Huizen, Oud Beijerland, Veenendaal, Apeldoorn, Deventer, Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Woerden, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. Check out the progress so far!

Parcels Received
Parcels Returned
Parcels Shipped
Trees planted

The #OpenDoors Initiative

Our dedication to sustainability is here to stay, which is why our Open Doors initiative continues indefinitely. You will find uniquely designed Smartmile #OpenDoors on our Dutch parcel machines. For any parcel you pick up, return or send at a Smartmile location in the Netherlands there is a chance that this door will open. When it does, we promise to donate a tree to Eden Reforestation Projects. The Open Doors initiative gives our customers the super power to build an incredible world!

Smartmile Sustainability Roadmap

Our team of unicorns designed a sustainability roadmap to follow as we grow. Green Friday is a part of that. This map encompasses everything from the coffee mugs we use, to the partners we work with. In the end, being sustainable means making conscious choices every day and being fully aware of the environmental repercussions of our actions.

Transforming parcel delivery is what we do, integrating sustainability into every step along the way is who we are. Are you the same? Join our journey!

Transforming Delivery

Have you ever questioned the number of different couriers visiting your street and wondered about the environmental impact? Or felt frustrated because you were stuck at home, waiting for all these different couriers to deliver your parcels? 

Do you believe that the current delivery methods in place are efficient and sustainable? If not, should you accept delivery the way it is, or make a change with us?